The Shelter Project:

The charity’s main aim is to improve the quality of life and help alleviate some of the social issues affecting vulnerable people in Morocco. MY UK aims to support the most vulnerable in society such as the elderly, ill, orphans and single mothers

The charity supports those in need through:

  • Providing monthly food parcels to sponsored families
  • Ensuring orphans and children in need are able to receive basic education through school equipment and tuition
  • Providing housing for those unable to pay rent
  • Supporting individuals with small enterprises
  • Assisting with medical costs that those in need may be liable to
  • Providing Iftaar every day of Ramadan
  • Donating clothes to those most in need of them
  • Providing Udhiyat Eid Al Adha
  • Providing financial aid to the building of provide financial aid to the building of wells in impoverished areas, where water is inaccessible and limited.

The Bright Future Project:

The Bright Future Project enables the charity to benefit young people living in the UK. Our aim is to empower young people with confidence and skills that will support them to play a constructive role in British society. Increasingly, our focus has been towards the Shelter Project, however MY UK Trustees have been able to personally contribute towards the fulfilment of these aims through the following:

Trusteeship within the organisation Nida Trust, an educational charity that aims to raise aspirations in young people. Nida Trust has a key focus in empowering and supporting Teaching leadership to benefit young people.

  • Delivering ‘Y-Lead’ youth leadership programmes for 14-18 year olds in partnership with Nida Trust.
  • Co-presenting a TV series called ‘Education Matters’ on Islam Channel, addressing the educational concerns of parents and students such as supporting children and young people with autism and dyslexia.
  • Supporting young people with university personal statements and CV writing.

If you have an idea of a project you would like to run for young people, please get in touch!